June 14th & June 15th Games

Last weekend in review…

Sadly MICC lost their first 40 over game for the season making only 73 runs.

However, Cavaliers now has 1 point on the board for their 40 over game thanks to a rained out game! YAY…

Next weekend games:

June 14th – MICC vs. Friends @ Lakeland – NOON (hosting)

June 15th – Cavaliers vs. Blazers @ Fair Oaks W – NOON (hosting) (Papa’s Day)

Both teams are hosting for this weekend so players, you have to show up early to put the mat down.

If you have not already signed up to bring food for a game…you better get on the board.

If you have not paid Dues…it is way past due.

Reminder – Meeting after MICC game on Saturday the 14th.


Upcoming Games – May 31st & June 1st


Our next games are scheduled for the weekend of May 31st & June 1st.

Saturday 31st May @ NOON – MICC- vs. Cavaliers – Bohanon

Sunday 1st June @ NOON – Cavaliers vs. Warriors – Fair Oaks W

MICC has a bye on Sunday.

Players please plan on getting to the ground before 11:45 am. The toss takes place at this time and you need to show 11 players at the time of the toss. Every game you forfeit costs the club money that we do not have!

If you are going to be late @ least call your captain so he is aware of it.  I know we have had a rough beginning to this season already. We have to do something different.

Remember water for each game.

Meeting Reminder Saturday 12th

Reminder there is a meeting on Saturday 12th @ 6:00 PM.

Meeting will be held at the Durants. Address enclosed in email.

Please be courteous and show up on time.  Like all the other meetings this is a potluck. So please walk with beverage and Dish. The host asks that you limit your desert option as this ends up wasting.

I have now updated the new and final schedule under the members tab. Food will only be provided for the 40 over games. There are only 6 games in this round. So we should not have a problem with folks signing up for food right? When you figure out your dates please send me an email and I will add it.

If you have not paid your dues…walk with your checks please.

Is it Cricket Season yet?

Are you all sick of this snow yet?

International 1 (the old MICC) there will be a meeting for you players soon. Please check back for a date and time. Yes you all need to be there…

Dues….are Due. When is it never due?

Don’t forget the next meeting is on April 12th, 6pm potluck style as usual.  Venue to be decided.

Cricket is not just a game for us…it is a passion.